Óptica geometrica

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Experiment 1: Law of Geometrical Optics

• Verify the law of reflection using experiments.
• Verify the law of refraction using experiments.
• Measure the index ofrefraction of water.

Pre Lab:

1. Find the definition and equations of the reflection and refraction laws.

2. What is the difference between an internal reflection and an external reflection?

3.Define and provide an equation for the critical angle.

4. Define total internal reflection (TIR).

5. Find the refractive index for the following media: water, plastic, glass.

6. Calculate thecritical angle for an air-water interface assuming nair = 1.

7. Can internal reflection be used to determine the refractive index of a medium? If so, how?

8. Complete the following table: findthe theoretical refracted angles corresponding to the following incident angles. Your TA will identify the media.

|Incident angles | | | || | |
|(deg) |10 |20 |30 |50 |70 |90 |
|Refractedangles | | | | | | |
|(deg) | | || | | |

9. Use your knowledge of trigonometric functions to find an expression for (r, the angle between the laser beam direction and thereflected beam direction, using lengths x and y in the Figure 1. Does your formula work for oblique angles (r too? If not, explain why, and how would you modify it to work?

Figure 1. Reflectiondiagram for question 7
[Source: Projects in Optics: Applications Workbook, Newport Corporation]

Note on data taking:
The measurements and recording of data for these experiments are as...
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