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ABC Inc. decided to integrate redundancy by connecting multiple hard disks to duplicate the information they store. Which type of
adapter will need to be installedon the servers to accomplish the desired redundancy?
Wireless NIC
USB gateway
*RAID adapter
multiple slave hard disk adapter
Which power mode should be used by a laptop so thatall the data is saved, all the applications the user was working on are left
open, and there is no power used by the laptop?
Left on with no power mode
Soft shutdown
3When a Windows XP computer has completed the POST for each adapter card that has a BIOS, what is the next step during the
boot sequence?
*BIOS reads the MBR.
NTDETECT.COM is used to detect anyinstalled hardware.
NTDLR reads the registry files.
The WINLOGON.EXE program is started.
A user is reporting that a new external hard drive is defective. The laptop will allow access to the...