10 Basic beliefs of kabbalah

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10 Basic Beliefs Of Kabbalah

1. There exists an Infinite Force that is the source of everything in existence. Some call this God. The kabbalists call this the “Ohr Ein Sof: the EndlessLight”

2. Everything in existence is here to be a vehicle for mankind to fulfill its purpose. Inanimate objects, plants, animals, stars and galaxies are all here just to serve the purpose ofCreation.

3. The purpose of mankind is to become one with the Infinite Force. That’s why we’re here. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. That’s what the soul desires. All of our fulfillment comes fromconnecting to the Light.

4. The way to become one with the Infinite Force is to engage in a process of transformation while in this world, amidst a sea of temptations and challenges. Everysituation in life is a spiritual challenge for many reasons.

5. All of mankind is interwoven and interdependent in a spiritual sense. We are all one. In order to become one with the Infinite, you mustcare about humanity.

6. Every thing that exists, exists within man. Man is a microcosm of all creation or as some call it, a
"holographic universe." This is part of being created in the “image ofthe Divine.”

7. There is a physical realm, which is where we exist, and there is a spiritual realm with which we unknowingly interact, constantly. And every molecule of existence has a spiritualcounterpart that it is connected to.

8. Our problems and challenges are actually responses from the spiritual realm, based on our thoughts, speech, and action, that are specifically designed for ourspiritual growth.

9. History is traveling towards a predetermined destiny. The Infinite Force designed our time of struggle to end by a certain period date, and conclude the test.

10. A place hasbeen designed that allows mankind to experience the Infinite Force called the Upper Worlds. That’s where those who fulfill their purpose go after death. Each person will experience the Infinite...
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