10 Thing make me feel pround about venezuela

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This is a Top Ten based in my opinión about the things that have made me feel pround of Venezuela.
1. Angels Fall
Venezuela is a tropical countrylocared in the northen coast of South América, for me is lake the door of this side of the continet. When you enter anywhere people cares about the first appearance and i think God have given us naturalresources for that reason: to fall in love of South America only seing Venezuela.
One of the most impressive and Beautiful places in the whole world is the Angels fall, it is the highest fall in theworld with 979 mts high.
The movie “UP” was inspired in our Angels Fall, the creators went once looking for something motivating and sato n the top of the Angels Fall and started to cry because ofthe amazing feeling he had being there.
2. Simón Bolívar
There have been a lot of venezuelan that have exalted the history and the cultura of our country. The most important is Simón Bolívar “TheFounding Father”, a venezuelan man son of spanish that loved this country and fight for our freedom and another four ones more. His ideas crossed the world as an example of life based in moral, educationand dreams about independence.
3. Simón Díaz
Other Simón but this time with other last name is Simón Díaz. He is an ederly man, short, with kind smile who has helped to strengthen nationalfolklore. He was the creator of “tonada llanera” a musical genre Venezuela´s own. His songs have been traduce in more than 12 language. His most famous song is “Caballo Viejo”. Now a days he has retiredbecause suffers from Alzheimer disease but still continue recibing awaards like grammy for Lifetime Achievement in 2008.
4. The Venezuelan Cocoa
Many experts say the venezuelan cocoa made in Chuao is themost closest to ecstasy because of its smell and flavor are unique and those features make a difference when choosing the cocoa. Our cocoa has a special quality. In fact others manufacters...
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