10000 Frases y palabras que venden

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10,000 Words & Phrases That Sell Like Crazy!

by http://www.e-wealthology.com

Copyright © 2005

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information
with regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding
that the author and the publisher are not engaged in rendering legal, intellectual
property, accounting or other professional advice. Iflegal advice or other
professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional
should be sought.
E-Wealthology.com individually or corporately, do not accept
any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the actions of any parties
Examples Of How To Use These Words, Phrases And Templates:
Single Words - automate - Learn how to fully automate yourbusiness!
Word Combinations - mind blowing - Discover mind blowing ways to increase your sales!
Short Phrases - once in a lifetime - This is an once in a lifetime opportunity!
Phrase Templates - how to avoid - How to avoid going bankrupt!

The 10,000 Words And Phrases:

$ a month or more
$ a year or more
$ every single month
$ from my bedroom
$ grand
$ in free advertising
$ in freepublicity
$ worth of
$ worth of bonuses
$ worth of merchandise
($no) per click through
($no) per lead
($no) per sale
(no) affiliate sales will pay for it
(no) cents
(no) characteristics of
(no) customers in (no) day(s)
(no) day free trial
(no) day trial pass
(no) days free access
(no) different
(no) different ways
(no) easy payments of
(no) elements you can
(no) examples
(no) feet(no) figure income
(no) foot
(no) free bonuses worth $
(no) freebies valued at $
(no) friends of mine
(no) full years of
(no) gallon
(no) grams
(no) helpful links
(no) hits in less than (no) hour(s)
(no) hot reasons
(no) information packed pages
(no) information rich chapters
(no) items you
(no) karat
(no) key principles you
(no) key questions
(no) kinds of
(no) knowledge packedlessons
(no) leads in (no) week(s)
(no) lesson course
(no) mistakes that
(no) months ago
(no) out of every (no)
(no) piece
(no) piece collection
(no) places to
(no) pounds
(no) proven strategies
(no) quart
(no) quarters
(no) resources
(no) rules you must
(no) sales in (no) month(s)
(no) sales will pay for it
(no) sections on
(no) simple formulas
(no) step system
(no) strong
(no) things to consider
(no) tips and tricks
(no) types of
(no) ways to
(no) ways to use our product
(no) year subscription
(no) years ago
(no) years in the making
(no) years later in (year)
(no)% commission
(no)th century
(product name) includes
(product) contains
(source) felt
(source) has/have proven
(source) heard
(source) said it look like(source) saw
(source) says
(source) says it sounds
(source) stated
(source) studies show
(source) surveys show
(source) tests show
(source) thinks
(source) told me
100% of every sale
100% original information
100% pure traffic
100% royalty free resell rights
2 tier
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
24/7 affiliate support
24/7 presence
24/7 service
24/7 support
50-50 proposition
6figure income
6 figures each year
9 to 5
a (no) minute
a (year) classic
a absolute must
a balanced life
a blueprint for
a booming business
a breath of fresh air
a breeze
a brief list of
a brief summary of what's
a chance like no other
a child could do it
a cinch
a collection of
a complete
a complete arsenal of
a complete package
a copy of my deposit
a couple hours a week
acustom designed
a cut above the rest
a date with destiny
a detailed
a diamond in the rough
a dime a dozen
a dirt cheap way
a drop in the bucket
a few of the features
a few success stories
a fortune this year
a free & easy way to
a fresh approach
a full (no) day guarantee
a full archive of
a glimpse of my sales
a gold mine of information
a good friend of mine
a great addition
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