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1 New Friends, New Faces
1 Vocabulary Link
Today’ s new member
First name: Silvia
Last name: Carvalho
Age: 23 years old
City: Sao Paulo
Languages: Portuguese, English
Occupation: student.
Interests I enjoy listening to music (pop, rock, and dance), going to the movies, and traveling. I want to visit Japan this summer!
e-mail address silviaC@starlink.net.br.
B.1. b What’s your name? a. I’ m 23.
2. c Do you speak English? b. I’ m Silvia Carvalho.
3. d Where are you from? c. Yes, and I also speak Portuguese.
4. e What do you do? d. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
5. g What do you do for fun? e. I’ m a student.
6. a how old are you? f. It’ssilviaC@starlink.net.br.
7. f What’s your e-mail address? g. I like listening to music, going to the movies ,and

A. Monika and Me
Monika (1.be) is my classmate. We (2.be) are different in many ways.
I (3.be) am an only child. Monika (4.have) has two brothers and a sister.
I (5.live) live with my family. Monika (6.live) lives inher own apartment. We
Both go to Sonoma State University, but I (7, study) study English Literature.
Monika (8.study) studies business. I (9.not have) haven’t a job, but Monika
(10. work) works at a café on the weekend. I (11. Love) love dance music, but
Monika (12. not like) doesn’t likes dance music. She (13. listen to) listens to jazz or
Classical music.
With beAre you in this class? Yes, I am.
With other verbs do you speak English? No I don’t.
With be is she in this class? Yes, she is.
With other verbs does she speak English? No, she doesn’t.
1. Is Steffi an only child? Yes, she is.
2. Does Steffi study business?No she doesn’t.
3. Do Monika and Steffi go to the same university? Yes, they do.
4. Does Monika have a job? Yes, she does.
5. Are Steffi and Monika different? Yes, they are.
1. What does Steffi study? Steffi studies English Literature.
2. Where does Monika works? Monika works ata café.

2. Listening
a. Hiromi.
c. Fiona
b. Miguel.
Who Hiromi lives in Tokyo.
Is 24.
Is a graphic artist.

Who Miguel is from Mexico.
Is 28.
Is a math teacher.

Who Fiona Is Australian.
Is 19.
Studies computers.

Lesson B.
1. Emilio is in his fifties. He is tall –about 182 cm. He is average weight.
He hasbrown eyes. He has short, curly, gray hair.
2. Kathy is in she fifties she is average. She is slim. She has brown eyes.
She has long, straight, blond hair.
3. Michael is in his thirties. He is tall. He is slim. He has brown eyes.
He has short, curly, brown hair.
4. Alexis and Ashley are they they twenty two. They are average. They are slim.
They have blues eyes. They have long, curly,red hair.

1. Who does Michael look like? He looks like his father.
2. Who does Ashley look like? She looks like she mother. They’re twins.
3. Who do you look like? I look like my father.

4. Language Link.
1. Ricardo has curly hair.
2. Monique has in her eighties. She is elderly.
3. I have blue eyes.
4. Max and Charlie are twins.Max has a beard and mustache.
Charlie has clean-shaven. They both have blond hair.
5. Tanya’s dad is average height.
6. Damon is heavy. He weighs about 136 kilos.

-Yao Ming is in he twenty six years. He is young. His is tall. His heavyset.
He has brown eyes; He has short, straight, black hair.
-Macy Gray is in she .thirties years, she is average height. She has brown eyes....
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