127 Hours essay

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127 Hours
Definitely a challenge was to survive in the wildness of Utah at The Canyonlands National Park. On April 2003, Aron Ralston decided to hiked The Blue John Canyon, he didn’t tell his plansof hiking to anyone. When he was walking to reach his destination he saw two hikers, Kristi and Megan that were lost, Aron convinced them about going on a new route that would be more interestingthan the one they were trying to find. He leads them through a lot of canyons and an underground pool, were they film themselves jumping into. Kristi and Megan invited him to a party the next night;they were expecting he would appear.
Aron Ralston continued his walking until he reached at The Blue John Canyon were the rocks were suspended, he start to descends and a rock fall after him untilthe bottom of the canyon, and he get stuck with the rock in his right hand. At the moment when he’s there the pain is becomes worst so he start to yell for help but nobody heard him. When he realizethat nobody is there to help him he start to find ways to get out of there, he made a lot of things to try to escape from there but he can’t.
Because of desperation he starts to cut his own arm with alittle knife but he can’t now he says that you can get that knife if you buy a $15.00 light and you get it free. He realizes that he’s out of water so he starts to drink his own urine. He always recordlike a video diary with his video camera where he always was delusional and he also was dreaming about relationships and past experiences with his family, his girlfriend, and the two hikers that hemet there.
Finally at the day five, he decided to make like a tourniquet in his arm so it would broken and with his knife he would cut it so he can get out of there. When he is already out of therock he took a picture of his arm. When he was already out of the canyon he had to walk a lot so he can had help, but he saw a family and he start to ask them for help, they went for help and a...
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