13 Colonies of usa

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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Subject: Social Studies ESL level: intermediate-advance

Topic: 13 colonies of USA Grade: 6th


Content objectives:- The student will recognize the original 13 colonies through a map.
- The student will identify when the colonies were founded and who founded.
- The student will be able to explain the majorindustries that each colony has.
- The student will be able to categorize the 13 colonies, when they were founded, and who founded.

Language objectives:

- Students will speak about the questionsthat the teacher will ask at the beginning of the topic
- Students will listen what the teacher is explaining.
- Students will read the presentation that the teacher is going to bring.
- Studentswill write what they understood about the topic (quiz)

Learning strategies:

Discussion, note-taking, and grouping activity.


Acetate sheets, visual colonies made of paper,scotch tape, map of the 13 colonies.


1.- Preparation:
The teacher starts by asking students why do you think people inmigrate to another country? Then studets will have to think andgive an answer, then the teacher will ask why kind of struggles do people face when they inmigrate? So students will think and the teacher will have some volunteers in order that they share theirideas.

2.- Presentation:
Teacher will introduce the topic of the 13 colonies so teacher will give a presentation in acetates saying how these 13 colonies were formed, the name of each colony and shewill have a map of these colonies so studets can identify them also she will explain when the colonies were founded, who founded these colonies and finally the major industries that each colony has.3.- Practice: Each student will come to the board and choose two visuals colonies made of paper and each student will paste them on the wall and after doing that they will choose who founded each...
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