14 Punto de deming

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2012
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Diego Noé Acosta Castañeda

The 14 points of Deming's quality

1 .- Constancy in order to improve products and services:

Dr. Deming suggests a radical redefinition of the role of a business:More than making money, is to stay in business and provide jobs through innovation, research, constant improvement and maintenance.

2 .- Adopt the new philosophy:

Today we tolerated labor toopoor and unfriendly service. We need a new religion in which mistakes and negativism are unacceptable.

3 .- Do not depend more on mass inspection:

The companies typically inspect a product when itleaves the production line or at important stages of the road and defective products are discarded or re trbajan. Again and practice are unnecessarily expensive. In fact, the company is paying workersto make defects and then correct them. Quality comes not from inspection but from improvement of the process.

4 .- End the practice of awarding contracts for the purchase based solely on price:The purchasing departments tend to work following the orders to find the lowest price provider. This often leads to poor quality supplies. Instead, buyers should look for the best quality in a longterm relationship with one supplier for a given item.

5 .- constantly and forever improve production systems and service:

Improvement is not a one-time effort. The authorities must constantlyseek ways to reduce waste and improve quality.

6 .- Institute training on the job:

Too often, workers teach their work other workers who never received a good training.Are required to followinstructions are not legible. Can not fulfill his job because nobody tells them how.

7 .- Institute leadership:

The task of the supervisor is not telling people what to do or to punish, ifnot direct.Lead is to help staff to do a better job and learning by objective methods who need individual assistance.

8 .- Stop fear:

Many employees are afraid to ask questions or take a...
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