15 Preguntas en ingles y 20 verbos para practicar

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1. Who is in your house now? What are they doing?
2. What do you usually do on weekends?
3. What sports do you like to practice? Why?
4. Do you likeJazz music?
5. Are you married or single?
6. What company do you work for? What position are you in?
7. What are you like? (Cómo eres?)
8. Tell me… what did you do last week?
9. Did you havebreakfast today? If yes…what?
10. Are you going to have a meeting tomorrow?
11. When are you gonna have a meeting?
12. Will you travel this year? If yes…Where?
13. Would you like a glass of water? Ifnot…what would you like?
14. Can I use your mobile (cellular)?
15. What are the advantages or disadvantages of working alone or in group?
• Advantages= ventajas
• Disadvantages= desventajas


read go send have get
say fall keep give sell
pay eat buy forget choose
leave wear need find stay1. I will _____ “NO” next time someone ask me a favor.

2. I will _____ the best option.

3. I _____ down the stairs yesterday.

4. I _____ your name... What is it?

5. You have to _____ thatfood in the refrigerator.

6. I’m going to _____ the tickets for the Jazz concert tomorrow.

7. Why don’t you _____ me some love?

8. I went to the restaurant and I _____ my favourite food.9. I’m going to _____ all my furniture because I’m going to travel next week.

10. When are you gonna _____ me back? I really need the money.

11. I like to _____ a lot, particularly books aboutcrime.

12. I always _____ my house at 8:30am.

13. Let’s _____ to the disco! I want to dance tonight.

14. I can’t _____ my keys. I don’t remember where i left them.

15. Please _____ this faxto the manager.

16. I’m going to _____ 2 chairs more for the class.

17. I don’t _____ any money. I’m broke!

18. I almost always _____ shirts for work.

19. My daughter _____ married 2...
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