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Message from the Managing Director

In 1963, OGCI delivered the first petroleum technology short course. In 2001, Shell, BP, and OGCI formed the PetroSkills alliance and launched a new age in petroleum learning. Since then, Saudi Aramco, Halliburton, Occidental Petroleum, Chevron, ConocoPhillips,Repsol-YPF, Marathon, ENI Exploration and Production Division, John M. Campbell & Company, and the University of Trinidad & Tobago have joined as members to help define the industry’s standard in technical training. In the past six years the alliance has worked together to build the world leader in petroleum training. We continue to lead. This year, in addition to new courses in Offshore Engineering,Well Construction (including a “Drilling Six-pack” for new drilling engineers), and other disciplines. You’ll also find a full program of HSE courses. We’re also proud to announce that a program in cooperation with Bellevue University that allows many of courses to be used as partial fulfillment of a Masters Degree in Petroleum Management. The Bellevue portion of the program are delivered via theweb, while the PetroSkills courses allow you to specialize in either Petroleum Exploration Management, Petroleum Production Management, or Petroleum Cost Management. These programs can allow you to earn a masters degree while working full time. See page 9 for more details, or visit www.petroskills.com. All of our PetroSkills courses have been reviewed and approved by member company advisors andrepresent the to ensure business relevance and technical finest programs available. Even with all of this growth, we’re not finished yet. Just what is PetroSkills and where is it heading?

PetroSkills is:
• The world’s largest petroleum learning and development program with over 150 of the finest courses covering the entire range of petroleum technology from exploration to the refinery. • Open toanyone from any organization through over 700 public sessions delivered in more than 30 cities, or on a customized basis at your location anywhere in the world, • Directed by an Industry Advisory Board that actively provides overall direction and quality assurance. • Based on detailed competency maps that outline the specific skills professionals need to do their jobs. These maps are available toyou in a personal competency inventory website so that you can inventory your petroleum technology competencies, identify gaps and create a plan to fill those gaps. • Over 200 instructors, consisting of the petroleum industry’s leading technical experts - each selected by member company advisors for their ability to deliver the finest in petroleum technology competency development

COVER IMAGE:Botswana, Southern Africa Aerial view of swirls of channel sand surrounded by grassland.

In 2008 PetroSkills will:
• Expand to provide additional courses in Reliability Engineering, Procurement, and the Facilities and Process Engineering Program • Expand our public courses in the Middle East Region, Far East, and alliance approved courses offered in Spanish in South America. • Continue toexpand our Competency Management processes and tool sets, to help clients reduce the time to competency. • Expand our customized ‘blended learning’ programs that link courses with on-the-job work experiences to improve how we develop competencies, and • Undoubtedly, welcome new members to the alliance When you attend a PetroSkills program, you can be sure that it will fit into your overall careerdevelopment program, and will be the best training available. After 44 years, OGCI and John M. Campbell are still the world leaders in petroleum technology transfer. We’ve trained more than 280,000 participants from 50 countries on six continents. We’ve earned our reputation by offering practical, business relevant courses that build the skills you need for immediate hands-on utility. With...