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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2010
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Hello, today we are going to present “2012”


Through the history many people predicted what is going to happen on December 21, 2012; Juan Bosco, TeresaNeumann, Maria Julia Jahenny, Michael de Nostradamus, Maya Civilization, Religions, etc. . .

¿What is going to happen?

There are a lot of versions about what is going tohappen In 2012, They are not verified, they are theories, but all of them refer to the same, the end of the humans civilization…


Aliens Invasion: The Alienswill come with advance technology to destroy the humans before they destroy the earth

Hercolubus: Is a big planet in the other solar system that is going to crash theearth and destroy the 90% of the humans

Sun Light: The sun will send a super big light to all the solar system that is going to kill all the life in the earth

Mayas:The old civilization says “ all the bad things of the humans are going to change to good things and we are going to leave in peace”.

Natural Disasters: We will get bigearthquakes, mega tsunamis, hurricanes, volcano eruptions and lot of rain and no one will survive to this.

Suicides: That prophecie says that a lot of humans are going tocommit suicides, because the falses prophets scare the people.

Contamination: The contamination in the earth by the human its causing the global warming wish causeshigh temperatures and no rain

Robots: The robots that the human is going to create are going to take the total control of the world because of it artificial intelligentTerrorism: The terrorist organizations and the world wars are going to make a nuclear disaster with the atomic bombs and destroy all the life in the Earth.

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