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The Early Seventeenth century and the Romantic period were eras for rebirth in all fields known to man. Literature was not an exception, and the controversial works of John Milton and William Blakeare great examples to this rebirth. “Paradise Lost” by Milton and “Marriage of Heaven and Hell” by Blake, express the sentiments of both authors with unique cleverness and perspective of the spiritualworld. The Seventeenth century and Romanticism allowed these two authors to write tales about God’s first creation, Adam and Eve, in a manner that portrays Satan as the hero of the story. Even thoughstrong critiques have risen from these stories, there still exists great admiration to the way of describing a ‘perfect’ and ‘pure’ scenario full of faults and evil. The concept of a Romantic rebelcan be clearly seen with the comparison of these two literary works, and even though there exist close interpretations of each one of them, there is a rare possibility that one can fully understand thecomplex concepts of both authors.
The Early Seventeenth century marked a great beginning for England after four decades under the ruling of Queen Elizabeth. In literature, there were great debatesconcerning the universe and the temperaments found in the souls of the living. Melancholy was often a theme of inspiration for many authors such as Shakespeare and Milton in their different works,Hamlet and Il Penseroso respectively. For authors such as Burton, melancholy was universal and every being was at least once exposed to this temperament. Analogies and the order of relations were alsoimportant factors that determined the knowledge of human beings. There was a specific order that put God above everything known to men, giving Him the authority of head of the universe. Milton embraceda theory that promoted humans to reach an even higher knowledge of science. He recalls a strong astronomic ideology when he makes Satan seem the hero of the universe by making him face moral...
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