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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2010
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Ben, age 18, has borrowed the family car, then forgotten to fill it up with gasoline. The next morning, Dad is late for work because he has to wait for gas in the middle of rush hour traffic. Thatnight Dad lets his son know what inconvenience his forgetfulness has caused. Ben’s generally inconsiderate and irresponsible behavior on a number of fronts. Eventually Ben is provoked into yelling athis father, who, outraged by this uncalled for behavior, demands the car keys back and announces that until further notice, Ben will no longer be allowed to use the family car. Around this time, Mom(with Sis looking on) intervenes in Ben’s behalf, trying to persuade Dad that maybe he’s being too hard on their son. When Dad tells Mon to mind her own business, Mom (as well as Ben and Sis) walks outthe door, leaving Dad wonder what went wrong.
Sales and Production are in the throes of an intense exchange regarding the delivery date for their company’s new product. Sales argues that unless adelivery date can be scheduled no more than three months from now, potential new customers will be lost to the competition, visiting a minor disaster upon Sales and the company as a whole. Productionargues in return that it has a carefully organized and sequenced production schedule that must be maintained. Breaking that schedule, by making the new product available for distribution earlier thanProduction intends, would incur costs in time and money that would be detrimental to Production and the company. No, insists Production, the new product is scheduled for introduction nine months hence,and that’s when it will appear! After days of acrimony, an agreement is reached in which each department settles for less than it originally reached in which each department settles for less than itoriginally wanted: a production schedule of six months.

When U.S. President Jimmy Carter brought Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin together at Camp David in...
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