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Coca-Cola Company is the largest soft drink company in the world. Coca-Cola sells 4 of 5 best-selling soft drink brands on the planet. Coca-Cola produces more than 400 brandsin total soft drinks, waters, juices, teas and coffees worldwide


Today, the product is widely distributed in the world, available in 205 countries.
It has 24,000 employees, 20factories engaged to concentrate, which is sent to the bottlers. The bottling totaling approximately 850,000 employees worldwide. In the final reckoning, unofficially, in 2007, global consumption ofCoca-Cola in excess of 45,000 bottles per second.


The greatest merit of Coca-Cola is its democratic character: " a poor drink beer, drink champagne a millionaire, but surely the two drinkCoca-Cola.", Is aimed at all social status.

In fact our main brand sold primarily energy when one is tired and needs to recover, one can get a Coke or a coffee or an energy drink, and get thatenergy.
The secret is not the formula of the drink, the secret is actually q has been getting people's hearts, because that was when Coca-Cola has really reinvented himself.
is called the "share ofheart´´

President, Southeast and West Asia and Business Unites States


In the city of Atlanta (Georgia) in1886 a pharmacist named John S. Pemberton for 54 years developed the formula of a syrup for a beverage "delicious and refreshing." accountant, Frank Robinson, conceived and designed the brand logo.At its inception, was introduced commercially as an effective tonic for the brain and nerves. "

JhonPemberton Statue of the coca cola museum

• In 1886, Coca-Cola sold an average of nine drinks per day.. "
• At it´s inception, was introduced...
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