24 Hours in a woman's life

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  • Publicado : 8 de octubre de 2010
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24 hours in a woman’s life

I’m going to talk to you about a great fiction novel of an Austrian called Stefan Zweig, it’s a story about love and treason.
The novel is “veinticuarto horas en lavida de una mujer”, and it’s the most popular production of the author. ¿Is it hard to follow? I don’t think so; it’s a fast reading and a cliffhanger that is written for young and old people. It’s aninteresting and exciting novel.

The story is about a widow woman who decides to travel to Montecarlo, there she goes to a casino to have some fun. In the casino she sees a guy and she gets astonishedof his beauty. The guy loses the game and he runs out of the casino desperate, the woman follows him. She thought if he was ok.

The guy falls down on a bench and then it starts to rain; the womandecides to help him, she approaches and asks if he wants to accompany her to another place, but he thought that she was a prostitute. After a wile, he accepts and they go to a hotel where the womanspends all the night with him.

The next day, the woman thinks is she is wrong to stay with him and she thinks to go away, but she didn’t.
When the guy wakes up, thanks the woman and they go to havelunch. During the day, they go to many places, one of them is the church, where she makes him to swear that he’s not going to go back to the casino and he does it.
The woman gives him some money tobuy a ticket in the train station to return his city and she goes away.

In the afternoon she discovers that she is in love of the guy and decides to stop him and goes with him. Seven minutes beforethe leaving of the train the woman’s cousin arrives at her home, desperate, the woman tells her that she can’t attend her and goes out fast.

In the train station, she sees the train leaving, shewonders if she is going to see him again and she goes very sad.

In the way, she decides to visit all the places they were together; arriving the casino, what a surprise! The guy was there! And what...
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