2Guerra mundial

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  • Publicado : 7 de enero de 2011
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An event that caused serious hurts in the whole world, was precisely the second World war.

This event marked significantly many persons, who thanks to the effort realized lived and did not die inthese dates of horror and fear.

It is said that the First world war, it was the factor that detonated the hatred of the person who in this moment began the second world war; since on havingfinished 1 war, Germany lost territory and began a strong crisis in this country.
For such a motive Hitler full of envy, bitterness, briefly rancor; wanted that Germany had, by death, the territories thatlost in her past war.

The Jews were those who paid for the Hitler's mentality sick.

There exist many movies that describe the events happened during the second world war. For example: Thepianist, the life is pink, the child of the pajama of stripes, etc. In all Hitler's malice appears towards the Jews.
The child of the pajama of stripes is an example of what was the second world war.
Inthis movie discoverer as in a child who for being German must be a villain, it is innocence and love in him. Initially the fear invades it and because of it the Jewish child is punished. Neverthelessthe German child continues looking for it even to the degree of dying united in an oven, since there put to the Jews, with the lie of which the they were going to bathing and ultimately it was turningout to be a gas room.
The second world war, it was to the present day, the event that it marked to the entire world.

Deaths, murders, tears, shouts, etc. It was because of the cruelest and vileperson who has existed: Hitler.

So much hatred had in him that ended for destroying several territories and especially human lives that they paid for his detestable caprice.
In this movie, one seeslike up to a child it should have suffered so much for the vile tyranny of a wicked personage.

Hitler was a person who damaged very much, especially to the persons of Jewish nationality what...
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