3 Greek orders of architecture

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Zita Sergei Alcántara Pérez A01168279
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“Three Greek Orders of Architecture”


In the columns one has a greater ornamental richness and skinnier proportions
They were decoratedwith 24 striae, separated by fine smooth surfaces; these estan supported on the plinth (it bases parallelepiped)
The capital is made up of three parts : species of horse, scenery with ovas and youshoot with an arrow, pads with 2 decorated lateral scrolls with a furrow in spiral, and a square abacus (little height) ornamented with ovas, you shoot with an arrow or other reasons.
Thisconsidered for only for the frontal vision. (Bowra, 2002)


This type of architecture is characterized by the robustness of the columns. “They go decorated with twenty striae together with aliveedge, besides three horizontal furrows interjections near its least upper bound” (Martínez, 232, 2002)
The columns are wide (slightly decreasing) of down above and the edges present a slight convexcurve (optical illusion)
The capitals are made up of an element called inferior horse and the abacus is superposed (quadrangular piece loss) After the abacus this pistilo (is smooth) (Martínez, 2002)Corinthian

It is a variant of Ionian unique that changes esque this scenery in the base with a ring of leaves of acanto and in the part spiral superior a central palmeta and spirals.
It is acopy of a plant structure.
(Bowra, 2006)

The Roman Coliseum

This building this constituted by the 3 orders successively in each floor : doric, Ioniac and corinthian.
And the last floor this hasan indefinite style (compound). The union of each floor was realised through stairs (Bowra, 2006)

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