30 September 2010

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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September 30, 2010

Since the early hours of Thursday the national police and the military forces of all Ecuador blockaded highways, the National Parliament, blocked the Mariscal SucreInternational Airport in Quito and the Airport in Guayaquil, and took over TV Ecuador's station, in a strike to be against the new law that reduced their remunerations, they benefits. The police officersprotested because of the changes and they didn’t want to talk with any one, they only wanted to protect their rights.

Before the government declared a state of emergency, the police officers made manypublic. Their basic demand was because of the bonuses law.  They explained that police can’t be treated the same as other public institutions because they work longer hours with bad conditions.

Afterthat the President Rafael Correa went to the main police office of Quito where the problem started, he wanted to talk with the policemen and made the chaos stopped.
He was received in a brutal wayand attacked by police and he took out his shirt and he started shouting in an angry way: kill me now if you are brave, but no one stopped.

Then the government declared a state of emergency and atthe same time the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) said that they supported Correa, and people started stilling and making confusion because there was no authority that could stop them.

Thenthe president leaved the police office and while he was leaving some policemen trough him many tear gases and rocks.

Later correa went to the police hospital and there the policemen didn’t let himwent out.
Correa was trapped for more than 12 hours in the hospital.

In the late hours of the evening three teams of special police and army teams part of a force of around 500 uniformed peopleloyal to their president rescued him after many fights with the police forces inside and outside the hospital building. The rescue was shown live on Ecuadorean television.
Bullets hit his room during...
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