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FedEx Worldwide Services
Your choice of FedEx service will depend upon your specific need.

FedEx AsiaOne
Does your company ship goods within Asia or across the Pacific? Let the FedEx AsiaOne distribution network help you make profitable connections with key trading centers in the world's most vibrant regionaleconomy.

FedEx EuroOne
With a dedicated network that connects hundreds of European cities, you can rely on FedEx for a fast, secure and reliable service.

Billing and Delivery Options
Here you'll find information on FedEx service and delivery options, including pick-ups and drop-offs, special rates, and ways of billing shippers, consignees, and third parties.

Standard Conditions ofCarriage

ISO 9001 Update
For FedEx, ISO requirements are a way of life, a way to conduct smart business. Find out how we maintain our unique system-wide certification, renewed in 2003 for a new three-year registration.

Terms and Conditions of Money-Back Guarantee


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