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74HC/HCT4017 Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs
Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC06 December 1990

Philips Semiconductors

Product specification

Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs
FEATURES• Output capability: standard • ICC category: MSI GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 74HC/HCT4017 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with the “4017” of the “4000B” series. They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A. The74HC/HCT4017 are 5-stage Johnson decade counters with 10 decoded active HIGH outputs (Q0 to Q9), an active LOW output from the most significant flip-flop (Q5-9), active HIGH and active LOW clock inputs (CP0 and


CP1) and an overridingasynchronous master reset input (MR). The counter is advanced by either a LOW-to-HIGH transition at CP0 while CP1 is LOW or a HIGH-to-LOW transition at CP1 while CP0 is HIGH (see also function table). When cascading counters, the Q5-9 output, whichis LOW while the counter is in states 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, can be used to drive the CP0 input of the next counter. A HIGH on MR resets the counter to zero (Q0 = Q5-9 = HIGH; Q1 to Q9 = LOW) independent of the clock inputs (CP0 and CP1). Automatic codecorrection of the counter is provided by an internal circuit: following any illegal code the counter returns to a proper counting mode within 11 clock pulses.

QUICK REFERENCE DATA GND = 0 V; Tamb = 25 °C; tr = tf = 6 ns TYPICAL SYMBOL tPHL/ tPLHfmax CI CPD Notes 1. CPD is used to determine the dynamic power dissipation (PD in µW): PD = CPD × VCC2 × fi+∑ (CL × VCC2 × fo) where: fi = input frequency in MHz fo = output frequency in MHz ∑ (CL × VCC2 × fo) = sum of outputs CL = output [continua]

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