5 Ps for strategy

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The five Ps for Strategy
Strategy’s etymology has its origin in the military. Strategies have an important role in the decision taking of the headquarters of an enterprise. An enterprise’s strategyhelps define their market and their position among their competition. The five Ps that define strategy are as a plan, as a ploy, as a pattern, as a position, and as a perspective.
Strategy as a planis defined as “a sort of consciously intended course of action, a guideline to deal with a situation” but with a different meaning in the military, in game theory, in management, and in thedictionary. In all the cases it is defined by having a sequence of steps to accomplish a goal or task. Strategies are presented in the simplest things in our daily life, and in more complex situations. In thedefinition of it as a plan it is important to consider that there are times where plans are not exactly realized due to the adversity presented on their realization.
Strategy as ploy is just like aplan but with the purpose of taking advantage of the presented opportunities by taking action and decision making.
Strategy as a pattern is defined as “consistency in behavior, whether or notintended”. Its main difference to strategy as a plan is the possibility of non-realization of the plan; patterns seem to be realized by all the means possible.
Strategy as position states that strategyis the environment in which the enterprise is developed and competes with other enterprises. This way of seeing strategy is compatible with the previous perspectives because it may be selected by aplan or con be reached by a pattern of behaviors and decision making of the enterprise. This way of seeing it depends on the economic competition in which the enterprise develops in the market.Strategy as a perspective is analyzing it as the way in which it is determined the internal personality of the enterprise. The type of market the enterprise has and the new markets available and presented...
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