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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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thesil3 | July 22, 2008
Band: Rorschach Test Song: Satan Album: Unclean.
thesil3 | July 22, 2008
Band: Rorschach Test Song: Satan Album: Unclean.Category:

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Uploader Comments (TheRobi081)
1 year ago They are back!!! Upcoming shows The Whisky A Go Go in LA on SundayNovember 29th 2009 and playing the Showbox in Seattle on Saturday December 19th 2009.

TheRobi081 1 year ago thesil3
1 year ago Sweet!

thesil3 1 year ago see all
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6 months ago Wish I could find this album to buy or dl

talentedkoncepts 6 months ago MindSludge
7 monthsago Ricky Casso!!!!! satan!

this song is awesome!!

MindSludge 7 months ago Shelter1284
8 months ago Great band and happy to know that they are back. This version rules but the version on"Peace Minus One" kills this version.  I always thought this band ended right before their peak...so I can't wait to hear what they come up with next...

Shelter1284 8 months ago storytellergoth
9months ago Glad to hear they are back! Wish I still lived in Seattle.

storytellergoth 9 months ago haytionette
10 months ago i got the album at home

haytionette 10 months ago fuckinpartyman10 months ago great stuff

fuckinpartyman 10 months ago 4windedLARK
10 months ago I missed it. :'(

4windedLARK 10 months ago 4windedLARK
1 year ago To the power of Satan!

4windedLARK 1year ago View all Comments »
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rorschach test - lamentby MCshlthead206 views 2:23
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