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ARECIBO, PR 0014-4010
TELEPHONE: (787) 815-0000
FAX: (787) 816-0000
WEBPAGE: www.upra.edu
E-MAIL:pro_quantum77@gmail.comDATE: November 28, 2096

TO: Mr. Carlos González Méndez, Professor
English Department

FROM Mr. Manuel Petraca Guinea, Professor MPG
Business Administration Department


Carlos, what a wonderful space ship you gave I love it. And you now my well the black color whit flame makes the ship to look very cool so, I am enjoy my self.

What a greatspace ship, I never expected that gift from any one, but always “you take the ball out of the park”. I like the Jacuzzi is big and make a lot of bubbles. The king size bed is like sleepingin the clouds. That remain me that one day in the University you ask me that what I wanted the most, and that happen a long time ago and you still remember it. Like I say a good view iseverything, and now I have that thanks to you. The view that the ship have is spectacular, because have that front side whit that enormous glass window, and the gym whit the 100 inch TV.

Thispresent is very important to me not only because is a spacecraft, because you are more that a fellow mate, you are one of my closes friends. Also, this air craft help me visit my family inMars, Jupiter and my brother in Pandoram. One of the things that happen was in the way over there I took a wrong turn and went in to a black hold, thanks to God that Chespirito was there andhelp me get out. My brother was very happy to see me, as soon as I arrive he went right at me and gave me a big hug. Therefore these gifts mean a lot to me and for my family to.

Inbrief, I love your gift, so I took the liberty to enclose some of the picture so you can see how happy I am. Also, some picture of my brother and other members of our family.


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