7 Wonders of the ancient world

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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a list of important objects that were built between 3000 B.C. and A.C. 476. All of the ancient wonders include objects made by human beings that wereconsidered important because of their size or some other unusual quality.
 The Great Pyramids were built between 2650-2500. It is said that they were a tomb of Khufu. They are located in Giza, Egypt. Menthat were great thieves wanted to get the hidden treasure that was hidden in the tomb. They found a small square room called the Queen's Chamber. It is a passageway. The Grand Gallery is anotherpassageway to the King's Chamber. After not finding the treasure, the men got angry and tried to destroy the tomb but stopped after taking out 30 feet of stone. No one knows what happened to King Khufu andhis treasure. Now the Great Pyramids are the only things left standing of the 7 Ancient Wonders.
 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are considered to be one of the original Seven Wonders of the AncientWorld. They were built in the ancient city-state of Babylon, The gardens were supposedly built by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II around 600 BC. He is reported to have constructed the gardensto please his homesick wife. The gardens were destroyed by several earthquakes after the second century BC.
 The Temple of Artemis was so big that it took 120 years to make the temple. It's hard tobelieve but it was one of the largest temples built in the ancient times. It was built as a dedication to the Greek Goddess Artemis. This temple didn't last long because the King Cruesus of Lydiaconquered Greek cite and during the fight, the temple was destroyed.
 The Temple of Zeus was finished in 456 B.C. It was built on a raised rectangular platform. The sides were supported by 13 largecolumns and six on each end. Inside they placed a statue of Zeus, created of ivory and gold over wooden frame. The statue was 22 feet by 40 feet tall.
 The Tomb of Mausolus, was a tomb built between...
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