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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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Mass media are the set of social media, such as radio, television, press, etc.. And they have great power over public opinion; have mass distribution of the different groups thatmake up society.
Media are the most effective and quick to transmit a message.

The media are an undeniable power in today's global society, so to say that any of the above statements is true orfalse would be rash, they are all very relative, depending on their falsity or veracity of the specific context from which to observe, for all these statements allude to the various roles that mediaplay today.

The media are the instruments by which it informs and communicates in bulk, they are the way people, members of a society or a community learns from what happens around them in economic,political, social issues. The media are the physical representation of communication in our world, that is, are the channel through which information is collected, processed and, finally, expresses,and communicates.

Science and technology are essential for human beings and that day by day new inventions with which all human beings are benefited, because this isour quality of life is better and transform our environment every day.

I believe that science and technology today is critical because in many ways we have benefited from such a result have createdvaccines against diseases. Also many people with incurable diseases can live much longer with treatments that have been discovered through science and technology.

But this has also caused problemssuch as increased pollution, environmental degradation, toxic substances, etc...

The topic I chose is the media, this issue seems important to me since we are surrounded by themedia, besides being very useful in our daily lives, and thanks to them we can tell not only what happens in our country and entity, but also worldwide. The media have also has the task to express the...
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