8 Minutes of meditation

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PART I. MEDITATION 101 PART I I . THE 8 WEEK MEDITATION PROGRAM WEEK ONE: Just One Breath WEEK TWO: Naked Sound WEEK THREE: Noting Body Sensations WEEK FOUR: This Magic Moment WEEK FIVE: Gracious Declining WEEK SIX: Private Screening WEEK SEVEN: Lovingkindness Meditation WEEK EIGHT: Combination Plate PART III. THE UPGRADE Beyond 8Minutes The Meditation in Action Template Lovingkindness: Going Further

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IF Y O U ARE reading these words, there's something drawing you to meditation. Maybe you've heard that meditation can help you become more peaceful and feel safer in acomplex, uncertain, and often harsh w o r l d . Perhaps there's another reason. Maybe you don't even k n o w why. But you do k n o w you'd like to learn to meditate. Only problem is, meditation sounds really complicated and ex-

tremely time-consuming. If only you could find a simple way to meditate that w o u l d suit your lifestyle yet provide the benefits you long for . . . Well, here's goodnews:You've found it! And all it takes is 8 minutes a day.



8 Minute Meditation is the revolutionary new program that will change your life as easily as it fits into it. In just 8 minutes a day—the space between t w o television commercials—you can build a lifetime meditation practice. Time magazine calls it " t h e most American f o r m of meditation yet."


IF YO U HAVE ever thought, I'd love to meditate, but it's too hard and takes too long, it might be because the meditation books a n d programs y o u ' v e come across a r e overly complicated, confusing, a n d time-demanding. Until now. 8 Minute Meditation is a modern approach to meditation, bringing you Eastern tools for Western results. W h e t h e r you have never tried meditation before or triedit and stopped, 8 Minute Meditation will w o r k for you. It's designed for who you are and the way you live today N o t only does the 8 Minute Meditation program w o r k , it does something most other meditation books don't: It makes meditation practice enjoyable, pleasant—even f u n — t o learn. N o t



only will this meditation program t u r n you into a real...
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