8D's work instruction

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Quality Work Instruction

Title: 8D’s Solving Format Prepared By: Rev: Date:


1. This work instruction provides the format for documenting the resolution of quality issues involving material provided to TPM by outside suppliers and furnished in accordance with TPM drawings.


2.1 This work instruction applies to all products made by outside suppliers that are discrepant to TPM engineering requirements.


1. Quality Assurance – Responsible for determining if a non-conformance warrants initiating 8-Discipline Problem Solving, for initiating the process, and formonitoring the supplier’s fulfillment of the requirements of the 8-D process.

2. Suppliers – Responsible for performing the 8-D process, periodically reporting to TPM Quality Assurance on their progress, and for satisfying all requirements of the process and meeting all associated deadlines.


4.1 At the discretion of the Q.A. Foreman ordesignee, a non-conformance on the part of an outside supplier may be determined to warrant initiating 8-Discipline Problem Solving (8-D) to insure that the problem is first contained so that no additional material is received at TPM, and then a permanent corrective action is implemented addressing the rootcause of the quality issue that resulted in the non- conformance. Similar parts and processes will be reviewed to determine if the same corrective action should be applied to those parts and processes as well.

2. When the determination is made that a non-conformance warrants 8-D, the Q.A Foreman or designee completes the top portion of the 8-Dform and submits the form to the concerned supplier’s Quality Assurance contact. The supplier completes Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the 8-D form within 24 hours of receiving the 8-D request unless the TPM Quality Foreman or designee rescinds the request or agrees to an extension of specific duration. The supplier completes sections 4 through 8 of the 8-D form within 45 days of receipt of the 8-Drequest unless the request is rescinded or TPM Quality Assurance agrees to an extension. In the event that an 8-D is rescinded the 8-D is considered Closed and is stored in the Closed 8-D folder provided on the network.

4.3 The supplier forms a cross-functional team, assigns the team the responsibility to successfully complete the 8-D process, and records the names andjob titles of the team members in Section 1 of the 8-D form.

a) Champion: The Champion is the most senior person at the facility where the non-conformance originated. The Champion need not be involved in the detailed work of the team but is the person with theauthority to secure resources required by the team to successfully complete the 8-D process

b) Team Leader: The Team Leader should be the manager or supervisor of the department or work area where the non-conformance originated unless the nature of the non-conformance, rootcause, or permanent corrective action mandates that the team leader should come from another job function. The Team Leader directs the team’s detailed activities and provides summaries of the team’s activities to the Champion as appropriate.

c) Team Members:...