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The Avaya one-X® Deskphone
9600 Series
Brilliant audio quality, customization and performance – from a
9620C IP Telephone

line of deskphones providing the ultimate voice communications experience. Display-based IP telephones with a context sensitive, graphical interface that can: • • Improve and simplify the traditional telephone experience. Provide increased call control andcall management capabilities. Help boost productivity. Increase worker satisfaction.

9640 IP Telephone

• •

Take brilliant audio, add great productivity features and ease-of-use – not to mention, customized colors and a flexible design – and
9650C IP Telephone

The Avaya one-X® communications solutions offer even greater adaptability and flexibility. No matter what your needs – everydayuse, essential communications, monitoring multiple lines or just a simple system for the lobby – there is an Avaya one-X phone that does precisely what you need (and more).

what do you have: A unique communications experience that can turn your business phone system into a competitive advantage. The first thing you’ll notice about these nextgeneration deskphones – besides their stunning looks –is the amazing audio quality, making it much easier to hear multiple parties, thus enabling workers to increase productivity. They have easyto-read graphical displays with contextual prompts that speed the process of navigating the interface, simplifying even the most complex telephone tasks. Plus, there are Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) capabilities built right in, which enable productivityenhancements like integration with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar.

Brilliant Audio Quality You Can Hear
The Avaya 9600 Series sets a new standard in audio quality; the acoustic design of the phone body and handset reduces background noise and provides a broader range of audio frequencies, resulting in audio quality that’s been described as better than in person. Plus, superior sound reducesfatigue and increases productivity. Avaya one-X Deskphone models support the standards-

9670G IP Telephone

3631 Wireless IP Telephone



based G.722 wideband audio codec in the handset, headset and in most models, the speakerphone as well.

Avaya one-X portfolio of solutions, in desktop as well as mobile endpoints.

background display images can be customizedas well. The modular design of the 9600 Series allows you to leverage initial phone investments with enhanced capabilities as needed in the future.

An Elegantly Simple, Simply Elegant Interface
With the evolution of today’s smart phones, PDAs, user interface design has made great leaps forward. Avaya’s 9600 Series of IP Telephones have a clear and elegant interface. High resolution graphicaldisplays make it easier to read contextual menus, prompts and instructions – anticipating your intentions and needs. Critical functions like call transfer, conferencing and forwarding are easy for beginner or veteran alike. Softkeys right on the display itself, along with scrolling menus, guide you through every process. Even third-party applications such as company-wide corporate directories can beinvoked and used easily. The user interface is consistent across the entire

Streamlined Access to Core Applications
The 9600 series phones provide streamlined access to applications to drive productivity and simplify user experience. One touch enablement of the key applications such as Call Log, Messages and others simplifies the user experience and feature access. Voice control to dial localcontacts provides users with alternate ways to interact with the phone and the productivity enhancing applications.

Available Adapters and Modules
• Bluetooth Adapter – this allows the Deskphone to work with a Bluetooth headset such as the Avaya ABT-35S. • Gigabit Ethernet Adapter – this adds 1000 Mbps support for both deskphone and an attached laptop or PC. • 24-button Expansion Module....
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