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Chapter 10: Working in the Online World
1. What is the ISP?
Internet Service Provider

2. What is called storage media?
The physical materials on which data is stored are called storagemedia. The hardware components that write data to, and read data from, storage media are called storage devices.

3. Which are the three categories of storage?
* Magnetic Storage
* OpticalStorage
* Solid state storage

4. What is called logical formatting?
A computer’s operating system can locate data on a disk because each track and sector is labeled, and the location ofdata is kept on a special log on the disk.
The labeling of tracks and sectors is called logical formatting.

5. What happen if a diskette is formatted with the FAT file system?
For areas arecreated on the disk:
* Boot sector: contains a program that runs when you first start the computer. This program determines whether the disk has the basic components that are necessary to run theoperating system successfully.
* FAT (File Allocation Table): is a log that records the location of each file and the status of each sector.
* Root folder: Master folder on any disk. This folderholds the information about all the other folders on the disk.
* Data area: The part of the disk that reminds free after the boot sector, the FAT, and the root folder has been created.

6.What is a cluster?
It’s simply a group of sectors that the OS sees as a single unit. The smallest space an OS will allocate to a single file and a cluster may storage an entire file or just a part ofthe file.

7. Why do optical storage devices fall into this category?
Because they storage data on a reflective surface so it can be read by a beam of laser light.

8. What is a smart card?A device with extraordinary potential, that looks like an ordinary credit card.
Smart cards contain a small chip that stores data.

9. What is a hard disk?
Can storage more data than...
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