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Chichen Itza Pyramids of Mexico
Seen in the picture here is The Pyramid of Kukulkan. Towering above the other buildings at 79 feet high, each side of the Pyramid has 91 steps. Adding the platform atthe top as a final step there are 365 in total - one for every day of the year. The Mayan interests of astronomy and the calendar are further demonstrated on the spring and autumn equinox. On thesedays the shadow of the sun playing on the stairs causes the illusion of a snake processing down the pyramid in the direction of the cenote!

Christ Redeemer; Brazil
The 124-foot statue of Jesusstands atop the Corcovado Mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Built in 1931, it took five years to construct and symbolizes the warmth and welcoming spirit of the Brazilian people.

Esta es otraparte que encontre…. Las imágenes son lo de menos eso luego busco mas!!

Christ The Redeemer Statue
The statue of Jesus Christ immediately invokes the feeling that one is a tiny part of a much granderscheme of things. At 130 feet tall and weighing 700 tons this statue overlooks the much-celebrated city of Rio in Brazil. It is a globally recognized symbol of Christianity.

Colosseum; RomeAlmost every sports stadium today is created based on the design of the Colosseum, built between 70-82 A.D. Located in the center of Rome, the amphitheater could seat up to 50,000 spectators whowatched public spectacles like the infamous gladiator fights.

Esta es otra parte que encontre…. Las imágenes son lo de menos eso luego busco mas!!

The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum stands 165feet high and is 600 feet long. This amphitheatre was built by the Flavian Rome Emperors for entertaining their subjects and also to distract their mind from the woes of time. The infamous Gladiators andthe Chariot races were part of the popular entertainment.

Great Wall; China
The largest man—made monument ever built at about 4,000 miles in length, the wall was originally built to help...
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