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  • Publicado : 30 de julio de 2010
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josep cisquella


A rt i s t r e c e p t i o n | t h u r s d Ay, J u ly 1 s t 2 0 1 0 | 6 - 8 p m

451 W est B ro A dWAy | neW y or K, n y 1 0 0 1 2 | 2 1 2 . 3 8 7 . 0 2 0 8 | cA mp to n GA l l e ry.c o m

Josep Cisquella’s work is concerned with the illusory properties of painting. It is a subject steeped in tradition, with antecedents extending from ancient Hellenic art toseventeenth-century trompe l’oeil to the more recent photorealistic work of Richard Estes and his contemporaries. Cisquella, however, approaches this estimable territory from a perspective that isaltogether new. Building on the foundations erected by great artists before him, he finds fresh ways to marvel at a painting’s capacity to create realities. Cisquella uses the two dimensional shadow toeither echo or imply the existence of a real, three dimensional form. In doing so, he thrusts the subject of the painting into the viewers actual space, facing us to engage with his work in a veryvisceral, very real way. These are canvases that speak to the beauty of details; preserving moments that, in real life, are all too ephemeral. For that reason, and for the care he takes in renderingthese quiet scenes, Josep Cisquella’s work amounts to a whole–hearted celebration of painting itself.

c y c l e b e s i de o c h r e s h u t t e r
35 x 46" • mixed media on canvas

c y c l e s h ado w
24 x 57" • mixed media on canvas

d r u m s a n d s a x o ph o n e
38 x 57" • mixed media on canvas

g ra pe v i n e a bo v e
51 x 35" • mixed media on canvas

green fringe
32 x 46"• mixed media on canvas

m o d e r n i s t i c street lamp
35 x 57" • mixed media on canvas

bi c y c l e b e l o w s u n
32 x 57" • mixed media on canvas

r e d bi k e l a n e
38 x 57" •mixed media on canvas

saxophone and chair
36 x 26" • mixed media on canvas

s t a n d i n g be s i d e o c h r e do o r
57 x 38" • mixed media on canvas

treble clef
26 x 36" • mixed...
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