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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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aaaa and unborn babies.

Students: Prieri Lisandro, Julian Ignacio
School: San Ignacio
Teacher: Neumann Gabriela
Subject: Biology 5th year

Radiation is a process in which energetic particlesor waves travel through a medium or space. There are two types of radiation which are ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is having sufficient energy to ionize an atom.Non-Ionizing radiation is any type of electromagnetic radiation that does not have the enough energy to ionize an atom. Non-ionizing radiation would be, for example: radio waves or visible light. Thetype of radiation which affects living organisms is the ionizing radiation.
There are three types of ionizing radiation: alpha radiation which is the one that causes less damage as it can be stoppedby a sheet of paper. Its power of penetration is low and it can be stopped by a sheet of paper. Beta radiation has more penetration power than alpha radiation but it can be stopped by an aluminumplate. Gamma radiation is the most powerful and damaging kind of radiation and most of the radiation is stopped by lead but it still continues.
The effects of non-ionizing radiation have only beenstudied recently so there aren’t many discoveries of how this kind of radiation affects living organisms. Mainly we will talk about ionizing radiation as it is the one that affect living organisms the mostand it is the most dangerous.
The effects of radiation in unborn babies depend mainly on the levels of radiation in which the woman is exposed, and the age of the fetus. In the first 14 days ofpregnancy if the woman is exposed to radiation the cells that make up the fetus can be damaged and no baby will be born. During the weeks 2 to 18 of pregnancy if a woman swallows or breaths in radioactivematerials those substances will go to the blood stream and then through the umbilical cord it passes to the fetus. The fetus may be born with deformities, abnormal brain function, stunted growth or...
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