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BLINC™ Bluetooth Compatible Helmet    Generation II Headset Manual (User Guide) 
Bluetooth Introduction
This BLINC™ headset is a portable headset solution based on Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range radio communication technology intended to replace the cablesconnecting electronic devices. The technology uses a globally available frequency range intended to ensure communication compatibility worldwide. You can connect your BLINC™ headset to your mobile phone or any device with Bluetooth wireless technology that supports the BLINC™ Headset profile or the Handsfree profile. When the BLINC™ headset is connected to your mobile phone, you can handle incomingand outgoing calls, listen to music, and adjust the volume, using the buttons on the BLINC™ headset. It can connect to mobiles, music players and GPS systems that are Bluetooth enabled. The inbuilt BLINC™ Bluetooth Headset in the motorcycle helmet is made up of a discrete battery unit、control buttons microphone and earphone.



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Listening at full volume to music or voice through a BLINC™ headset may damage your hearing. Although the external areas of the helmet are waterproof, you are advised to ensure the inside elements of the Bluetooth device are not exposed to water or any other foreign substance. Any warranty does not cover the battery and in all cases will be void should it bedeemed that the user has caused a malfunction or in any way tampered with the Bluetooth device.

BLINC™ Bluetooth Headset Control Buttons
BUTTON_MFB: Call handling Button BUTTON_VOL+: Volume Increase BUTTON_VOL- : Volume Decrease

To use your


headset, your phone or music device

should support the following Bluetooth profiles:


Providing a wirelessmeans for both remote control of the Mobile Phone by the Hands-Free device and voice connections between the Mobile Phone and the Hands-Free device.

HFP (Hands free Profile)

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Stereo music streaming

Bluetooth Interference Issues
The quality of Bluetooth transmission may also be affected by the position of your connected device. Should youexperience choppy or distorted audio, move the position of your music device or phone to a different location until the signal improves.

Getting started
Before you can use your BLINC™ headset, you should first: Charge the BLINC™ headset battery. Pair the BLINC™ headset with a device, for example, a mobile phone. Fully read these instructions.

The BLINC™ headset comes with a built-inrechargeable battery. We recommend that you charge the battery before using the BLINC™ headset for the first time. Connect the charger to the BLINC™ headset and to the mains. The charging time is about 4 hours. During charging, the indicator shows a steady red light. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator red light will switches off. When using the BLINC™ headset, if you hear a cadent tone,and the indicator red light flashes rhythmically; this indicates that the battery needs recharging. To charge, please use the handle on Charging Port Rubber Cover gently pull out

the Cover, and circumgyrate about 180 degrees. Expose the Charging Port and Plug the Charger Plug into the Bluetooth headset’s Charging Port. At this time near the Control Buttons the indicator light turns red whenthe battery is charging. As Figure 2 and Figure 3 shown.

Charging Port

Charging Port Rubber Cover Figure 2

Charging Plug Figure3

To turn the BLINC™ headset on
Push Here

Press and hold the Call Handling Button (MFB) for approximately 2~4 seconds until you hear a short low tone followed by a short high tone. The BLINC™ headset indicator light flashes blue. When turned on, the...
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