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This document discusses how to call messages in SAP ABAP.
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Displaying Messages in ABAP
In ABAP you need to display a message on various occasions, forexample if the user has input erroneous data then a message needs to be displayed, instructing the user to rectify the error, or after a certain task is accomplished, you mayneed to display a message. A message class is used to display messages from the program and the transaction used for this purpose is SE91. The messages are stored in the tableT100. Examples of calling a message are shown below. You may need to create a message class for displaying your message. You need to check if a message class has already beencreated by other ABAP colleagues. Note that messages classes would already exist in your system, but you may have to create a new class for your programs. To create a newmessage class type the name following the naming standards and type the name as shown in the figure below. Alternatively you can goto transaction SE91 to create a new message class.
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