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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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Dear Abott Barnabas,
My name is Alma Estrada im in the 9th grade and attend shawnee mission south high. ive moved many times from different schools. i actually do like movingschools sometimes because you g too meet new differnt people. and you get too learn differnt stuff from each person you meet. well i used too attend a church in centeral since i was alittle girl with my family we would go every sunday. thats were i did my comunnion. but now i attend Holy Cross every sunday, its actually closer to where i live now probly thats why. i wasreally used too going too the other church.
Conformation to me means going threw gods process as he wants us to as a catholic. i think that we all as catholics shoulb be goingthrough all these stages. well this would make my life better because i know im a catholic and i know im doing the right thing and doing what us catholics supposed to do. i am now able tomarry through church and be able to do any things as a catholic. ive learned that we are Christians and we only have a little bit of difference in our faith.
I chose St.Clare becausei really thought she was inspiring. I think she has a rea lly big heart and shes very independent. I really admire her she knows what she needs. shes like t hose people that onlybelieves in themselfs doesnt listen to anyone. Clare does what she believes whats right. im not really like her muchu but ima entend to be somewhat like her and be better than i am now.Going through all this process since i was baptised really feels good. i would like to keep my catholic faith going and pass it on to my future family and their families. I really thankmy parents for making me go through all this ive learned many things that i didnt know before. Now that ive been through this process im going to keep it going throughout my life.
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