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Do you know any women that have had an abortion? Do you consider abortion bad? Do you even know the reasons why that woman had an abortion? These are questions that many people ask themselves and they have many answers to them. These questions all concern the extremely controversial issue of abortion. For many years people have contemplated the idea of abortion and tried to decide whetherabortion was right or wrong. In order for someone to decide this though, one must know the definition of abortion.
Abortion by definition is the spontaneous or induced termination of a pregnancy resulting in the death of the embryo or fetus. Therefore this means that sometimes abortion is not intentional. We tend to believe that abortion is always when a woman decides to kill her fetus and have ittaken out of her. But abortion can also possibly occur when a fetus somehow dies inside the mother for some unfortunate reason, without anyone necessarily doing something to hurt it on purpose.
In many countries abortion is not legal for simple fact that it involves the murder of a living thing. Although a fetus or an embryo is not fully grown into a baby yet it potentially can grown into a baby-and if they let it- it will eventually develop into a baby. In the United States, abortion has been around openly since the 1920’s but it wasn’t legal until 1973. The statistics are terrifying to look at. Fifty two percent of women who are twenty five years old and under have an abortion. This means that mostly very young women are having abortions. In the United States about twenty five percentof the diagnosed 6,000,000 pregnancies are terminated because women abort their babies. Another horrifying statistics is that every twenty six seconds a baby is being aborted somewhere in the world. Another scary fact is that one baby is being aborted for every two babies that are born. For me, these statistics and data make me think a lot about how terrible abortion really is.
Abortion is notjust seen as a controversial issue; abortion is also a moral issue throughout the world because it is related to both the Declaration of Human Rights and the Catholic Social teachings. The three rights that I think it disrespects are the right to live in freedom in safety, the right to not be subjected to torture, and the right to be recognized before the law. The Catholic Social teachings that arerelated to abortion are Human Dignity, Participation, Rights and Responsibilities. Abortion is truly a way to disrespect life in every single way possible because. A baby isn’t even allowed to decide whether it wants to live or not. Some people may be pro-choice or pro-life but that is not how the church sees it. The church thinks that life is a gift from God; therefore we must treat it assomething sacred and protect it. It is not necessarily everyone’s right to have a life because we have seen throughout our Christian history that some things are worth dying for. For example, Jesus sacrificed himself to demonstrate to us that it is possible to live a life free of sin and resurrect. Therefore, we can see that life is a privilege and we don’t have the right to destroy God’s creation, weonly have the responsibility to protect life.
The two basic side of this issue are the people that against abortion and the people that support abortion. However, there are also some people that see abortion as a morally bad decision sometimes but as an acceptable option in other circumstances. The people that think abortion is never acceptable and are in favor of the legal prevention ofabortion are called pro-life. The people who think abortion is okay and are against the legal restrictions of abortion are called pro-choice.
I consider myself to be pro-life. My reason for being against abortion is because I see it as a moral issue and related to God and the Ten Commandments. The people that are pro-life think that aborting a baby means killing a living thing. One of the Ten...
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