Aboriginal business trade mission to asia

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Aboriginal Business Trade Mission to Asia
April 26 to May 4, 2008

1 foto: Hong Kong the Trade Centre of Asia and the doorway to Mainland China
2 foto: Hong Kong Exhibition Centre one of the largest in the World.
3 foto: World Trade Center Taipei, Taiwan
4 foto: Reproduction being made ready for the world market
5 foto: Visiting a Factory in Guandong.
6 foto: Ceo Leonard Linklater with AIBDGrep Irene Wong in Hong Kong.

The Purpose of the Business Trade Mission to Asia Embracing the Aboriginal Edge in Global trade Taipei, Hong Kong and Mainland China

AIBDG 800-568-1848 Business Trade Mission Page 2 An Aboriginal Entrepreneur or Nation cannot afford and does not have the luxury of time in an economy where speed wins and distance is dead. If the learning curve of the Entrepreneurs andthe Nation are not reduced drastically, it would be extremely difficult to keep the enthusiasm, aspirations and inspiration of the entrepreneurs alive given their circumstances and conditions.
This Fast Track Method will enable the Youth to build businesses within the community
and outside their communities. The Leadership participating in the Trade Mission will
have the know how and experience toconfidently bless the Youth and other members of the community, to encourage and inspire them without hesitation to build enterprises
within their communities.

1. Cross Cultural Training in Trade, the fastest way possible, which is an absolute essential requirement in today’s business.
2. Direct understanding along with gaining experience of the world’s biggest
market while developing businessrelationships with manufacturers and traders in China. A priceless experience.
3. Knowing the marketplace directly which will enable the Leadership to inspire
the Youth and Entrepreneurs to build businesses of the 21st Century the fastest
and the surest way possible.
4. Becoming a Street Smart Marketer.
Learning While Doing Academic education in business will not be as productive in the Aboriginalcommunities if it is not simultaneously backed by hands on training while
building an enterprise. Academics can follow when businesses have been built at
par with the mainstream. Then only Academics would be meaningful. Businesses
cannot be built in classrooms but on the floor of the trading halls.
The Entrepreneurs need not only financial support; they need the support of
their Leadership.
TheLeadership needs to participate with the Entrepreneurs in building their own
enterprises. The ideal way the Leadership can bless them to build businesses is by
getting and acquiring the same knowledge as they are obtaining so that the Leadership can bestow their full blessings and can communicate with them at the same level. Then it would be effective.
Purpose of the Trade Mission
No school can givean individual practical hands on training in business while
they simultaneously build a business.
AIBDG 800-568-1848 Business Trade Mission Page 3 International Trade and the Distribution Business is mystifying to them that do not have practical hands on training. They cannot see its application. It becomes a theoretical abstraction overcrowding their memory banks.
On the other hand, at the tradeshows of this magnitude they see the products and
they will see the movement of the product from the source to the consumer
(which is marketing). At the same time the theory that is being given to them
during the Trade Mission will not be mystifying but would become applied
knowledge. It will be a laboratory experiment and training which will culminate
into businesses.
The Leadership’s presencein this Trade Mission
The Leadership’s presence in this Trade Mission will fulfill a two fold need:
1. That when the Entrepreneur comes to the Leadership, to receive their blessings for starting their enterprise, the Leadership will know what they are blessing and will not be afraid and deny their entrepreneur his/her right to build his/her career as an entrepreneur with an opportunity.
2. The...
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