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  • Publicado : 20 de mayo de 2011
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|An abortion is he premature termination of pregnancy ending in the death of the embryo or foetus. However abortion can also be defined as the death of the embryo or |
|foetus withouthuman interference. This essay will be discussing induced abortion and the effects they have on both mother and unborn child. The ethics and morality of |
|induced abortion has become the subject ofan intense debate in the past fifty rears. No matter how you look at it, abortion is simply he murder of a living human being |
|and therefore should not be tolerated.|
|When is life, life? This is a very relevant question and one which should be answered as scientifically accurately aspossible. According to the Oxford Australian |
|Student’s Dictionary the tern life is defended as a period during which something exists or continues to function. According to the same source humanis defined as |
|having the qualities that distinguish mankind, not divine, or animal, or mechanical. One scientific argument is that by three weeks the unborn’s heart starts pumping |
|it’sown circulatory system and by sic weeks brain activity can be recorded. If doctors measure death by brain death then life should at least be measured by brain life.|
|Going back to the OxfordAustralian Student’s Dictionary it says that life is a period during which something exists or continues to function. Since the embryo’s heart |
|functions at three weeks then that’s when life shouldbecome life. The Catholic church would take this even further and say that life starts at the point of conception. |
|This is quoted from What’s wrong with Abortion? By a new Zealand Bishop in 1989,...
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