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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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Having the option to abort babies should be abolishing. Take in consideration all does life’s that are been taken away. Yes I agree with woman’s that are pro-choice. They have their appropriate rightover their own body’s but not to take away the breath of a baby. My choice today is to be pro-life. Choosing to be is to believe that the embryo is already alive and abortion is tantamount murder.To prevent abortion there is always playing safe sex. Their birth control for girl to take before and after. Just in case you think sperm when inside and you think you’re pregnant there is always“Plan B.” Plan B is not consider murdering a baby because in realistic you don’t know if you’re pregnant it’s just play it safe. In most cases girls can go for the Depo-Provera. It’s a birth control shotthat prevents having babies and from abortions. Condoms also exist, but you risk it with one person. Condoms are only 99 percent accurate. That one person can be you! Also doctors have invented thegirl condoms that are 100 percent accurate. Think about it twice before you make a mistake always try practicing abstaining. Abstaining means 100 percent not having sex.
Been Pro Choice have theirbenefits too. In cases that the pregnancy was not planned or wanted you can consider in giving it in adoption. I know that girls are not ready to have babies but that’s why they have to practice theabstaining or just play it safe. In many cases it lies within the child who did not choose to be born, or in the ‘psychological and emotional world” of the mother who lives with the memories of the rape.In that case you can also give it in adoption. It’s not the children faults why take his breaths away. Babies don’t know anything. Staying abstaining can be hard for some people, but there’s a fact 70percent of the relationships end anyways. Yeah but think about it this way 65 percent of does women that are left by themselves pregnant come out into the world and conquered what they want....
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