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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Pain, cramping, bleeding, are just some of the symptoms suffered by women to have an abortion natural or deliberately caused, because I'm sure that despite these "mothers"if they merit that description, or feel physical pain least psychologically to do so.

We have the idea that the maternal instinct grows in all women, but when theyreached childbearing age, we realize we are the least, and is currently increased unwanted pregnancies as a consequence of promiscuity that may, misinformation or, informationoverload has caused. As this test center to make known my position and my feeling, against abortion.

A woman has the power to breathe life into our being, but is in ourhands the decision to discontinue the joy? Are we entitled to something that only we conceive ourselves to grow in our body? Who then has the right to decide on the lives ofothers?

Who has not felt a being in her womb can not comment on the matter, and the wonder of giving life is the very word implies, a cluster of unexplained feelings andsensations that far from rejecting, we must match that this process display fully consummated and the best way possible.

Over nine months, this new being must have somecare, it is not easy to create a work of this nature is not a painting, which is cleared with water, not a melody that goes better with each test; is not a dance, where at theend, everyone cheers. It is a human being, a perfect human being, capable of making the impossible possible or how complicated, bearable.

So why leave it to those girlswho are not old enough to choose a president, to decide for the life that begins to grow inside them? They could not even decide on the appropriate method of contraception...
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