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is a team sport played between two teams of 9 players each. It is considered one of the most popular sports, The countries of the sport powers are concentrated in the Americas (North, Central,Caribbean and South) and Asia, with European and African continents laggards. It is played on a large field of natural grass or artificial than the area where the offensive players to reach the bases arelocated in the corners of the square area called the diamond, called Corridor line, and the area where the launcher terrain is a ridge of land.
Objetivo del juego
o de aluminio.
The bat
In the gameof baseball bat used in offensive team's turn, so that the athlete in turn is the batter. The conical shape of the bat is so that the hitting the ball is larger, and the part where the player graspsthe object is the thinnest, the bat can be made of wood or aluminum.
La pelota
Una pelota de béisbol es aquella que se utiliza para la práctica de dicho deporte. Su circunferencia es de 22.5centímetros y no mayor a 24 centímetros y 5 onzas de peso. La construcción varía, generalmente el núcleo de la pelota es de corcho, caucho, o una mezcla de ambos, y en ocasiones puede constar de varias capas.A su alrededor están enrollados cintas de varios materiales que incluyen hilo y cordel. Finalmente posee una cubierta de piel, en dos piezas, que son cosidas juntas en 108 costuras de hilo rojoencerado de algodón.
The ball
A baseball is one that is used to practice the sport. Its circumference is 22.5 inches and no more than 24 inches and 5 ounces. The construction varies, usually the core ofthe ball is made of cork, rubber, or a mixture of both, and can sometimes consist of several layers. All around are coiled strips of various materials including yarn and twine. Finally has a leathercover, in two parts, which are sewn together at seams 108 cotton waxed red thread.
Game process
The positions of the players on the field:
1. Lanzador (Pitcher).
2. Receptor (Catcher)....
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