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D: (contestadora ) hi… I’m dayana.. I’m not in home, but can leave a message n’ I’ll call u back…
F: Dayana please answer the phone… I need to talk with u… it’s a 911…
D:(contestadora) hi… I’m dayana.. I’m not in home, but can leave a message n’ I’ll call u back…
F: Hi dayana… is really important to talk with u…
D: Fran what’s going on?¿?¿? why are u so stressed… are uok?¿¿’¡¿
F: no I’m not… I need to tell u something n’ it is not good…
D: are u in ur home?¿?¿ I’m gonna be there in seconds…
N la ksa d fran… (fran llora)
D: whAt happened?
F: I´m pregnant
F: yeah, look at the result
D: oohh
F: the worst is that I don’t know what can I do… everybody is gonna judge me!
D: abort the baby
F: are u thinking in… kill the baby
D:If u were in this situation, would u kill ur son…???
F: why…?
There’s many ways to abort.. Depend of many facts such as; economic situation, the time that the baby has, the mother‘s health, themedic service’s access, and the laws governing the country….
The chemical abortion is the most wanted, because it doesn’t need the use of any kind of anesthesia, it consist in the application ofdifferent drugs, another reason why this method is commonly is that the woman can see what is happening during the whole process, but it isn’t always used; it can be practiced only during the first monthof baby’s life.

Surgical abortion… a method called suction is often used before the 7 weeks of gestation
(xplikms l dibujo)
1. -Amniotic sac
2. -Embryo
3. -Uterine lining
5. -Vacurette
6. -The vacurette is attached to a suction pump
A diagram of a vacuum aspiration abortion procedure at 8 weeks gestation. The vagina is held opened by a speculum [4] inorder for a tube (called a vacurette [5]) which is attached [6] to a suction pump to be inserted through the patient's cervix. The products of conception (amionic sac [1], embryo [2], uterine lining...
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