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Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco on November 27, 1940 in the “hour of the dragon” and the “year of the dragon”. Before he was a year old his family moved to Hong Kong. Bruce Lee’s father worked inthe movie industry, so when Bruce was only three months old he appeared in his first film.

As Bruce Lee grew he kept on making films in Hong Kong. When he was a young kid he started havingtrouble in school with others. So he started to study martial arts to learn self- defense. He first started studing Wing Chun. That was his beginning in the martial arts world.

In 1959 Bruce is back inthe states and studied philosophy in the University of Washington. Bruce Lee kept on practicing martial arts and went to a karate exibition. Bruce Lee made a name for himself in that exibition andthat’s when he had the opportunity to make the series The Green Hornet as Kato. It was all going well, so well that they wanted to open a martial art school that was going to be called Kato’s Self- DefenseSchool, but they never did it. When the series Batman started The Green Hornet went out of bussines so as Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee opened a Gung Fu school and started teaching to all that reallywanted to learn martial arts. The Chinese community didn’t want to let him teach the Americans because the secrets of the Chinese martial arts would be given away. Bruce didn’t stop to teach the Americansso they challenged him to fight the best of their fighters and Bruce accepted. Bruce Lee won the challenge but he was not happy because it took him a few minutes to beat the guy an d he thought hecould beet him in seconds. Being desapointed with his performance he started to train harder.

Bruce Lee started to have many problems when it came to money. So he started giving personal training toartists and rich people.Then he beca,e a father and he had to work harder for the money and started to get another chance in Holywood.

When Bruce finally got his chance in Hollywood again he...
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