About female oppression

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Female oppression
Female oppression is the result of a belief that one sex is superior to the other and that the superior sex has endowments, rights, prerogatives, and status greater than those of the inferior sex. Sexism results in discrimination in many areas of life and may be a limiting factor in educational, professional, and psychological development. Sexism is the belief or attitude thatone sex is inferior, less competent, or valuable than the other. Very often, people affirm that female oppression and sexism have existed since the beginning of humankind.
Genesis 1:26-27 states that Adam and Eve were portrayed to be equal, for both were created in God's image. Despite this, the many allusions to the word "man" in the Bible were, in earlier times, said to be because women wereunimportant. Yet in Gen. 5:1-2, God calls both genders "man" – and hence it is understood that such disparity in treatment was actually not what He had intended. There are other references in the Old Testament regarding the status of women - namely in Genesis 2. God looked at a sleeping Adam, and decided that he needed a helper. This helper was created from Adam's rib, and was named "woman" byAdam. These references that women are helpers and were named by Adam however, contradict the earlier presented views that both had equal status. This was especially so when Adam and Eve were created by God, where one was believed to have authority over any item/individual by naming it. Adam’s downfall is also credited to the creation of Eve - for Eve was the one who persuaded Adam to eat theforbidden fruit. This was another excuse for the discrimination against females.
Tertullian (known as "Father of the Latin Church") said to his female followers: "You are the devil's gateway". In fact, other than the earlier references that God intended both genders to be equal, and a minimal scattering of passages that seem to suggest this (e.g. Exodus 21:15-17), the Bible's stance can be considered bymany as fiercely biased towards male dominance over females. Thus, females were considered possessions of males (usually their fathers or husbands). Women have been treated as slaves and considered objects. They have had to battle, tolerate, endure, suffer and fear threats, intimidations, insults and violence from men. Many women even feel fear in their own homes because of the domestic violence.Women are treated with no respect, and they still are seen inferior by men. They are treated with no importance, no value and with a lot of discrimination in their homes, in their childhood, their schools, and even in their workplaces. For example, a man and a woman have the same job, and do the same amount of work; but the woman may receive lower pay than the man. Some men see a woman onlyas a person who can satisfy their sexual needs, some as a person that one can boss around whenever they want, some may not even consider them as people, but as objects, and some as a person that if a women is doing something better than a man she is discriminated, judged and men do something about it so that it doesn’t happen.
History has proven that the discrimination of women in the worldfar exceeds those of race or religion. It took far longer for women to get the vote than any other adult segment of our society. Ninety years ago, the United States’ feminist movement won its first battle as women gained the right of suffrage. In 2008, the United States came closer than ever to electing a female Commander in Chief, as Senator Hillary Clinton narrowly lost the Democratic Presidentialnomination and Governor Sarah Palin came within shouting distance of becoming the first female U.S. Vice President. Then, in this past Academy Awards season, Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the Oscar for “Best Director of a Motion Picture,” after being only the fourth woman in history to even secure a nomination for that award. March is officially celebrated in the United States...
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