About politc and worst things

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  • Publicado : 28 de julio de 2010
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I love the electoral times; thanks to this everybody has the opportunity to receive some benefits like shows of BOX, wrestling, concerts, dances and food everybodyobviously everything is free you don’t have to pay for nothing you just have to care for enjoy it, all of this is in the honor of a candidate, a honest and sincere person who offers his or her love andfriendship unconditional as a result of the sudden birth of a new spirit altruistic and savior which believe that can resolve all of our problems with a speech that was written by other person, thisspeech contains a lot of words whose meaning the candidate cannot understand fully. Finally pledge the commitment doesn’t harm anyone and can be done, had been done forever.
It must not surprise usbecause we do the same with the purposes of the New Year, well this attitude is less important because most of the times we don’t harm anyone and they do.
We must be glad to see our nice city coloredof amazing show-bills which are not so amazing and give to the days a touch of spring quiet deteriorated. Blue, red, yellow and green, etc., many show-bills of high definition and sharpness, theyundoubtedly are austere as the majority of election camping.
As if this weren’t enough, are the worn slogans which couldn’t convince anyone again and it seems that the advertisers have run out ofcreativity. I don’t blame them, who in the whole world can feel inspired if you are representing to such distinguished personalities and seeing in the acts a murky reflection of his words.
Also electoraltimes are times of works and improve in many aspects of our poor life. It’s a way to softening the ground to the successor of the office (the same party of course) with current staff has, keeping freshthe satisfaction of the voters, because in electoral times we are very important I mean (the voters) has an incredible value also is indescribable how important we become, back to the topic the...
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