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*Divine right to rule = his power was legitimated by god.
*Total control of Political, Religious, Economic, Social and Legal aspects

* Economic theory.
*AIM: to be thewealthies country in Europe.
- Export more than import
- Establish coloines because the were good producers of raw materials. Colonies were also used to sell their products.

*Absolut king
*Problems with Portugal and England
*Bad relationship with Netherlands
*Problems with Jews
* Imposed the Inquisition (Catholic institution controlled hersey).
-Invaded Portugal and England
-Dutch Revolution
-Centralized the Administration

Charles I-V
*He ruled Spain & the Holly Roman Empire.
*In Spain he was known asCharles I
*In the Holly Roman Empire he was known as Charles V
*The Empire in which the sun never sets (his empire was so big that when in one placethe sun set in the other one the sun rised)
*PROBLEMS- Being a foreigner in Spain ( he had problems with the language).
- France surrounded his Empire
- Turks invaded the Eastern part of his Empire.
-As he rulled some German States hispower was limited by the German Protestant Princess.
*End of his Empire: Division of his Empire
-Philip got Spain
-Ferdinand got the Holly Roman Empire.


Henry IV
*Was the leader ofthe Huguenots but converted into Catholic
* "France is well worth a mass"
*He created the Edict of Nantes (Toleration of all religions)
*He chose Duke of Sully as the Chief Minister
-Ordered thetaxation system
-Control Nobles
-A rise in economy

Louis XIII - Richelieu (Chief Minister)
*AIM: To make France prosperous and a Major Power in Europe.
-Control ofNobles
- Strenghened intendants power
- 30 years war. As a result France became a Major power.

Louis XIV
*He believed in the divine right of kings
* "L´etat, c´est moi" (I...
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