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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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The project is a mid term task about a case of study in second language acquisition and the stages that a foreing learner should develop to reach the target language. These stages by whichthe tested student develop her capacities is called Interlanguage and will be introduced in the following pages.
The reaserchers tested an english freshment student in one specific aspect of secondlanguage learning such as listening to get to know what her previous ability in this issue was and, at the end of her teaching process, test her again to compare the results or her progress on thechosen ability. The explorers chose her because of her performance in english is low if it is compared with her classmates so, we can observe the changes even better.

Theoretical FrameworkLinguistics is the science that studies language. Language can be analysed accordingly to sounds and according to the language as a means of comunication. So language is a tool for getting thoughts out of ourbrains and into our mouth and into other brains (W. terrence gordon, edición 2008, manufactured in USA, page 3). Language has been seen differently along the centuries. First it was known asPrescriptive Linguistics because it tried to tell people how to use language in the right way, Aristotle represents this way of seing this conjunction of rules. In the twentieth century, when linguisticsbecame science, the linguistics was known as Modern Linguistics because it no longer tried to tell other people how to use language but to decribe it, to record variations, analize it, to explain how itworks, theorizeabout how we learn it and much more (W. terrence gordon, edición 2008, manufactured in USA, page 10).
The person that study language is called Linguist and some of them looks howsounds vary in different places; and others record conversational interchanges among other tasks ( terrence gordon page9).
We have said that modern linguistics theoretize about how language works and...
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