Abstract the importance of being earnest (play)

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"The Importance of Being Earnest"
The story is about a boy named Ernest in town and john in the field as the weekend went to visit his friend Alberto Juan are the first actplaying guitar intro of "smells like teen spirit" appears after Ernesto and Juan Alberto says he is going to visit her aunt and cousin Wendolin which Ernesto is in love and wants to askhim to marry her but the breast is always opposed that it upsets Ernesto Alberto then tries to help before it reaches the aunt of Alberto, Ernesto talks about his life at the campsaid he had a pupil named Cecilia and her guardian, they live in the countryside near a golf course, and also says invention, a younger brother named Ernest and that he lives in thecity for that is that the city is called Ernesto while Alberto bunbury invents a friend called and said that his supposed friend bunburi is very sick and often visited him at hospital...
Ernesto Alberto tells Wendolin who wants to marry and asked him that night, Alberto accepts that he takes to dinner.
Then comes the aunt aplaticar Alberto Alberto and begindistracting breast wing Ernesto Wendolin to tell you if you marry the ... Wendolin accepts one of the reasons is that she likes the name of Ernesto but she really did not know Hisname was John but his mother was opposed, so go ...
After Alberto is very interested in the girl Cecilia living in the countryside, so John decides to lie and say that his brotherErnest died of course ...
Albert decides to go to his house in the country by pretending to meet Cecilia ernesto there knows her and falls for her and also falls in love withCecilia that she liked the name of Ernest so that the two are engaged but Alberto juan would not know that that day saying that Ernest died on the evening comes to your house juan ...
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