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This course emphasizes on strategies for generating ideas for planning, writing, and organizing material with the intention to prepare students for the demand of college writing, focusing on readingcritically and incorporating source material in student’s own writing.

II. Justification: This course presents reading and writing as processes in which the students are responsible forconstructing meaning. It will give them the opportunity, both individually and as a class, to work with different texts in order to produce their own interpretations and find new uses for their readings andthe ideas to which it leads them. The course is designated to help students become better readers and writers for life.

III Objectives: Students in this course will:
• Analyze diversereadings selections to establish author’s purpose, type of discourse, and main themes for college students, and study them in their personal view by writing an essay.
• Develop oral presentationsrelated to readings and class discussions integrating the use of technology.
• Evaluate and apply a variety of organizational techniques acquired in the process of the course and library techniquesin writing effective essays using the writing process.
• Value reading and writing as ways to enrich thinking, learning and communicating in English in our personal lives and in variousdisciplines and professions.

IV. Course Content:
Using the constructivist approach the students’ attitudes, motivation, and their involvement in the learning process will develop their success inimproving their second language skills. Reading and writing and critical thinking skills will be develop throughout this course. A variety of reading selections will be developing for the purpose ofindividual and group projects. Students will compose coherent paragraphs and an essay with adequate structure employing a variety of sentences. They will also demonstrate control of grammar, syntax and...
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